Grant Hart "All of my senses" 1989ce


Grant Hart was kind enough to answer questions submitted by his MySpace friends. He jokingly commented that writing his responses reminded him of homework. Thanks, Grant, for taking the time. I'm sure his Myspace friends will enjoy.

Whats an everyday routine for Grant Hart?
Alan, Austin, Texas

During the summer I go on daylight wasting time. I am naturally a night person. I hate driving on crowded roads. Touring is the only time I really conform to anything close to "normal" hours of activity. Late afternoon I make and return calls on a standard push-button telephone that is connected to the wall with wires. I prioritize these calls according to my level of self-absorption. Then I open letter and packages, usually Studebaker parts, and attend to that as required. 6 PM or so I leave to take care of errands and the market. The food market, not the stock market. Upon returning I will give my cat-friend some kind of a treat. He likes defrosted frozen shrimp better than fresh. 4 or 5 pieces. Lately I have spent early evenings working with a new friend, Andy Bebee, welding and preparing the body of a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk for paint. Andy is a music lover and a true artist in metal. He probably could weld glass to titanium, or find out how. I have always been interested in transportation technology, but in the last nine years I have taken the time to do things I didn't have time to do as a teenager. Stock is good. Rat-rods are cool, street rods are for repressed old fuckers in need of more conformity.
After that I go home or to a club, cook a meal and hit the books. Then to sleep, perchance to dream.

Of all the things you have experienced and accomplished so far in your life, what are three things you still want to do in your life which you've not yet done?

I would like to build a replica of an early monoplane along the lines of a Deperdussin or Rumber Taube (dove). I don't know, cross the equator in a ship. Appear on the game show "Jeapordy". Learn to spell simple words. Own the trademark to the band name "Fucker".

When you were starting your musical career, what other music / musicians inspired you? Who did you consider to be your contemporaries?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

This might be a dumb answer but I think the biggest inspiration and this probably goes for Bob as well the biggest inspiration was the very idea of being in a band the concept and that flow flowering of energy.

If you could meet any other band/musician, whom would you most like to meet and why? (assuming you've not met them yet).
Laurie, Petaluma, California

For some reason, while thinking over the question my mind flashed on Ludacris and I can't shake it. Wouldn't that be fun. Last year I had the honor of personally serenading the genius behind the film "Night Of The Hunter" Paul Gregory. I sang him "Teeny's Hair" and after he said "talent is such a wonderful thing. I met Gertrude Stein".

Who are you voting for in the 2008 election?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

Bush is proof that restorations do not work out too well, so there goes Hillary. Obama would be great, but I think when people are all alone in the voting booth their racism will come out. John Edwards' wife is ill, Gore won't run so... I guess I'm going the third time with Ralph Nader. Third time is lucky, right?

From an art perspective, what inspires you?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

I respect good draftsmanship. Technique and worthy materials are important, but the originality of the idea itself and the concept are what lights my bulb. A sarcastic edge like my beloved Marcel Duchamp. Like music, there should be a lot of sexy overtones.

When you aren't playing music or creating your next art masterpiece, what do you do with your time?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

I have enjoyed the maintenance and restoration of Studebaker automobiles for about ten years now.

What is the name of the last book you read?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

Yesterday I finished "The Air Show at Brescia, 1909" by Peter Demetz.

What is your favorite movie? What actor would you most like to meet?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

I can't say an absolute fave but Murnau's version of "Faust" would always come close to tops. A favorite actor to meet, hmm let me see. I almost said Malkovich until I realized I just mentioned Murnau. How about Lauren Bacall.

If you could have dinner with anyone (past or present), who would it be and why?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

I would have dinner with Howard Hughes or Jack Ruby. Rudolph Hess? Apollinare? I know, Duchamp. Buster Keaton.

Before you joined forces with Bob and Greg to form Husker Du, what did you think you might do for a career if not play music?
Laurie, Petaluma, California

Before Husker Du I thought about becoming a printer or a nurse.

Which of your own songs are you most happy with?
Lisa, Austin, Texas

Song of mine that give me happy satisfaction... the crop of new stuff gives me goosebumps. It even gives my geese Grantbumps.. Titles? Sure! Each song has at least one title. Some of them are, "You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water", "School Buses Are For Children", "Khalid", "Barbara", "My Regrets", "Narcissus", "Silver Scion Boy".

Which songs do you always enjoy singing live?
Lisa, Austin, Texas

There is no song that I always enjoy to sing live because there is no "always". Me and Heisenberg have difficulty with the absolute. "Often" and "seldom" work. But many time I have been told "My wife (husband, girlfriend, boyfriend) has green eyes, is it possible for you to sing "Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill"? Constant faves of mine to sing, "Teeny's Hair", "Terms Of Psychic Warfare".

What ambitions do you still have to fulfill?
Lisa, Austin, Texas

A soon to be realized ambition is the actual starting and running of an engine that I have put a lot of time and money into. There are books out there I am still looking for, there are Marcy Beache's translations of Claude Pelieu's work that I would like to see published although it is not my responsibility. I look forward to the day when my friend Laki Vazakis' film "Hunke & Louis" is seen by lots of people, I would like to enter into a three or more record agreement with a label. I would like to make my artwork, in particular my collages, known by those who care abut things like that. I want to continue advancing myself as a person, as a human life form, as an artist, activist, lover, critic, friend.

How has your taste in music changed as you've grown older?
Lisa, Austin, Texas

My taste in music has not changed as much as the way it comes to me. When somebody gives me a disc and say there were influenced by me I give the disc away, I forward it along to a friend and they tell me what they thought about it, if I should hear it. I like to get my "me" from me and not secondhand from somebody that thinks they sound like me. I like to see a live band that I haven't heard anything from. If I really like them I buy their record or make an effort to engage them in conversation.

What are some of your favorite classic films, or recent ones you've seen?
Lisa, Austin, Texas

I have been interested in the life, the work, the madness and enigma of Howard Hughes since I can remember. When the shit hit the fan about the "Glomar Explorer" project I was young and captivated by the idea of a recluse searching the most desolate and inaccessible nooks and crannies of the ocean bottom. His courage matched his cowardice.
Recently I watched his masterpiece "Hell's Angels" for the umpteenth time. When it opened in Hollywood, Hughes spared nothing to make the event memorable. My intrigue? Well, it's like this, originally the film was intended as a silent. A beautiful Swede named Nilsson played the role of the two timing (three timing, four timing, five...) girlfriend that Jean Harlow was given when Hughes scrapped the silent version. Even with voice coaching by James Whale ("I can tell you how to act but I can't tell you how to be a woman!"), she comes off terribly bad and her platinum blond hair looks like a Man Ray solarized print, without being solarized. I dream of what was lost when Howard compromised his great work in order to be on the technical cutting edge. It reminds me of Patti's record "Gung Ho" made using Pro-Tools software. If there is an artist besides me who is essentially an analog entity, it is Patti Smith.

Pick five words that describe yourself.
Lisa, Austin, Texas

"Bad-ass From South St. Paul".

Who would you say are your most important songwriting and singing influences?
Rob, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There is no denying the importance of Bob Dylan to my style. There is probably more of his influence that comes to me second hand such as Patti's influence on me and Dylan's influence on Patti. She took it up a notch.

How aware is Grant of his web presence on Youtube and the like?
Eleanor, Woodhaven, New York

I am aware of my presence on Youtube and the like although I resist activities like blogging. It seems to me that some artists turn into virtual artists as a result of spending too much time spieling about their work than doing more work. I think the compromise of Beau talking to me and hosting the Myspace space is ideal. He will pass along things I can respond to without me needing to be listening in to your conversations.

At what point does Grant consider he came into his own as a performing musician, when he was confident in his own/Du's originality, etc..?
Eleanor, Woodhaven, New York

I had much to offer even when I was 12 or 13. I could "follow" really well and had many opportunities as a substitute drummer for an agency that put together groups for occasions. I would hardly know the people that I was performing with. No rehearsals. I was given chances that no thirteen year old would ever get. Polkas, C&W, standards, Greek, Hawaiian. The agent, Kris Kalorgerson, would call me up and ask me if I had the right wardrobe for the night, not if I could play that particular style. It was lucky thing for me. Because of this I became a very musical drummer. I never saw Kalorgerson when he wasn't wearing a tuxedo.

What inspires your art?
Hope, Wichita, Kansas

Whatever inspires an idea is what inspires my art. In music or art or cooking or any way of expressing it is what strikes you at the time as the right idea. Good artists are the ones who get the good ideas and take them somewhere. Skills and nice materials (Carrera marble, Key of "C", blue plexiglass, etc...) help but you need to have the idea.

If Greg Norton isn't gay, why'd he have a gay mustache?
Hope, Wichita, Kansas

Greg's mustache seems gay, but in reality it is the straightest facial hair ever. A lot of it's friends are pretty diverse, but Greg's mustache is, as I said, straight. It has nothing to prove.

Ask Grant his favorite memory from Husker Du playing gigs at Goofy's Upper Deck in Minneapolis. Man we had a great time watching gigs there!
Victor, La Crescent, Minnesota

One time we played at the Upper Deck and one of Bob's heroes from wrestling came to see the show. We gave him a t-shirt and he wore it on national tv the week after. He was Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

Please tell me when and how you started drumming barefoot? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Christian (from the "I Don't Wanna Know" video), Los Angeles, California

I started playing drums barefoot because the seams on my hightops gave me blisters.

It seems that everyone is citing Husker Du as an influence these days; what are your thoughts?
Beau, San Francisco, California

When I hear about other peoples influences like that it makes me somewhat ashamed of myself for them.

Who is the strangest or least likely person to have told you they were influenced by you?
Beau, San Francisco, California

The strangest would probably be Moby.

You've made a conscious decision not be on the internet. Why?
Beau, San Francisco, California

My job is to make music and art. I have always had a hard time "selling" or exploiting my stuff. I feel that the internet is groovy but too much involvement would be like joining my own fan club. I would join a club with you nice people as members any day, though.