The idiocy of idears


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"Billy Childish is Britain's greatest, and bravest, living writer. This book first appeared without author, ISBN, or bar code and was placed in bookshops for free. It became an instant cult classic.
The Idiocy of Idears is perhaps his finest novel to date. Childish just refuses to obey the rules of engagement, in painting, writing and music, and the intensely conservative British, and I include Tracey Emin in this, can't stand it. To be free and as alive as Childish is in his prose and painting is a wonderful thing."

"Billy Childish so wants to be Tracey Emin it is quite sad. Not only does he copy her 'wrong' spelling, but he also talks of childhood sex abuse and even uses titles that sound like poor copys of Tracey's originals.
This 'novel' makes no sense and sounds like it was written by a school boy.
If I was Childish's teacher i would say 'MUST DO BETTER!' "