Michael James - You don't walk on my street

pic and more words 1978ce
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Q: What would you say were your major influences at the time of "Runaway world"?
MICHAEL: The Moody Blues, Santana, Captain Beyond, The Litter, The Amboy Dukes, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Iggy Pop, etc...
Q: The "Guatemala" references on the LP are a bit puzzling... anything that can be thrown light on today?
MICHAEL: Besides being another country that the USA Gov't and Corperations have screwed over, we needed an elusive, exotic and erotic place to base our fake radio/advertising operations from and cop our weed from etc...
Q: "Sleepers" is an interesting track with it's psychedelic effects -- any particular comments on that one?
MICHAEL: Ya, they still need to F**king wake up! I'm still writing about it today.....
Q: Another great track is the closing "Listen, freedom is at hand" -- what are the lyrics about? Any other thoughts on it?
MICHAEL: People tend not to like my answer to this, but it's a spiritual song about a "near death experience".
Q: Any other tracks on the LP you like to comment on? How do you feel about the album all over today?
MICHAEL: I think the song I like best today and still play in an updated form is "You Don't Walk On My Street". It's still a rock classic to many fans and me.